1426 Mill St.

    Plymouth, MI 48170

    Joy Road

    Adopt-a-Road Pick-up

    Rich Whipple, Chairman

    Our chapter volunteered beginning in 1997 to participate in the “Wayne County Adopt-A-Road Program”. This year (2019) will mark our 22nd year!
    Our responsibility is Joy Road, from Canton Center Road to Haggerty (2.25 miles).
    Wayne County gives us three dates for us to clean up the road, from April to late September. We meet at the UAW Hall parking lot at the southeast corners of Canton Center Road and Joy Road (the dividing road between Canton and Plymouth).
    Wayne County garbage bags and reflective vests are given for us to pick up trash. When the job is finished, we generally go to a nearby restaurant for us to enjoy a good breakfast and enjoy the camaraderie.


    Rich Whipple

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    Pictures of our Joy Road Pick-up volunteers 

    VVA and AVVA members merged together to tackle the Joy Road Clean Up. Those in attendance were, from left to right: Jack Massarello, Al (Golfer of the week) Sneath, Marcel “Sky Pilot” Loosbrock, Pat “all world” Doherty, myself, Bob “a lot of irons in the fire” Lamoureux, Susi “Travel Agent” Wagner, Bryan “the editor” Bentley, Bobby “Go Blue” Sommerville, John “el Presidento” Spencer, Dennis “karaoke” Waling, Larry “DNR” Kilgore, Terry “Harley Davison” Wells, Mike “a friend to all” Dicker, and lastly Greg Kremkow, who always come to this agenda with a smile and rolled up sleeves.

    The weather was cloudy, slightly breezy, and about 43 degrees, and the ground was damp from some rain the night before. We donned our sexy lime green Wayne County issued safety vests. Those in the picture, from left to right are: Skip Davison, Pat Doherty, Joe Tebor, Terry Wells, Roger Riddell, Larry Kilgore, Don McLane, Norma Demerly, Ron (past president) King, Rich Whipple, Gregg Kremkow, Bob Lamoureux (Bob was on the first Joy Road clean up back on April 12, 1997), Gary “Ouch” Boucher, Roger Buelow (usually Roger takes off before the picture, but I threatened him with 50 push ups and a mile run, so he wisely stayed for the picture), and last but certainly not least, Bryan Bentley, our chapter’s current AVVA President, who sacrificed himself not being in the picture, by taking the snap shot of our illustrious trash team!


    Here is the list of VVA members that participated in our first Adopt-A-Road assignment back on April 12, 1997. Current chapter president John Spencer, Gary Estermyer, Dale Luebke, Roger Bebow, Al Dorey, Don Dignan, Bill Gravett, Bob Lamoureux, Dennis Shrewsbury, Franz Brenner, Rick (Señor) Popa, and Tim Greenhoot. Little did we know that 18 years later, we’re still happily serving the community in this endeavor!!!


    Thank you for the thirteen that showed up for the road crew. Once again, Roger Buelow was “quick out of the box” and he and his wife (or daughter?) Trudy, along with Norma Demerly took off to conquer Joy Road before the picture was taken.  The others that were in attendance: Don Shannon, Jim Harvey, Pat Doherty (Pat’s becoming another “all world” trooper like Forrest Manly was) Joe Tebor, Don Dignan (with donut in his mouth), Mark Grzesiek, Dan Droz, Bob Bryan (nice to have you, Robert!), “el presidento” Ron King, and Al Sneath.

    Left to right: Joe Tebor, Terry Wells, the NCO in charge, Dennis (Rookie) Fuelling, John Spencer, Mark Grzesiek, Norma Demerly, Bob (Chapter member of the year) Lamoureux, Bobby Somerville (class mate with John Spencer back at Detroit Catholic Central), Dennis “Karioki” Waling, Don “Captain Boblo” Shannon, first VP Jim Hodgson, Pat “all world” Doherty, Susie Wagner, and Danny Droz. The VVA 528 Adopt-A-Road Team assembled Saturday, July 19, for our second Wayne County “pick up” for this year. It was a beautiful morning, and we had quite a few volunteers show up to get the work done quickly. We welcomed first time (rookie) volunteer Dennis Fuelling. Thanks for showing up, Dennis.

    Roger Buelow and Norma Demerly started off picking up items along Joy Road before the picture was taken. The others from left to right: Danny Droz, Pat Doherty, Terry Wells (first time), Roger Schlee, Larry Kilgore, Gary “Ouch” Boucher, Bob Lamoureux (recent recipient of “Member of the Year” for 528), Joe Tebor “Hollywood” since he was on the Channel 2 News about the 4th of July Parade, myself, Jack Massarello, Dennis Waling, Mark Grzesiek, Frank Barkovich, and Gregg Kremkow.  Thanks for your time and fellowship to all of you who participated!!