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    Chapter 528 AVVA


    Welcome To The AVVA Page

    My name is Bryan Bentley, and I am the AVVA Representative for VVA 528.  Our Alternate Representative is longtim AVVA member Norma Demerly.  The Avva is an important support group for VVA 528, and we currently have 85 members.  AVVA members enjoy all privileges allowed to VVA and VFW members as far as the lounge goes, and also have the opportunity to get involved in all VVA events, and activities.

    You can come to this page to find out about all AVVA activities, as well as opportunities to volunteer for VVA events.  You’ll find many opportunities to serve our veterans by volunteering for events like the Fish Fry’s, Car Shows, Joy Road Clean Up’s, and many other fun events.  There is something for everyone’s skills and interests.

    AVVA Membership:

    At last count, we had 85 AVVA members, and we would very much like to get that number to 100 members.  This is the goal, and you can help us to get there.  You can recruit friends to join, you can give a membership as a gift, or do like I did, and sign up your grown children, or relatives.  Once they get involved, and see what we do, and how much fun it is to hang out with our veterans, they will continue to renew memberships. You can get a printable membership application here.

    AVVA membership costs only $20 per year, or you can sign up for 3 years for $50, and they have lifetime membership opportunites as well, with costs varying depending upon your age.  If you have any questions about membership, or anything else that is AVVA related, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll get you answers.

    Bryan Bentley – 734-604-6066