1426 Mill St.

Plymouth, MI 48170

"Never Again Will One Generation Of Veterans Abandon Another"

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

John Fleming, Chairman

John Fleming, Chairman

Every year Chapter 528 takes an active part in helping out collecting donations for the Salvation Army. This event is extremely popular and Chapter 528 is able to cover several different locations in the Plymouth-Canton area.

Through the years several members took part in “Helping The Salvation Army Bell Ringing”: Rich Whipple, Dale Luebke, Ron Dillingham, Forrest Manley, Gary “Ouch” Boucher, Bob Lamoureux, “Bear”, John Iaquinta, Joe Agius, Rick Ciaramitaro, Gordy Dorey, Doug Fox, Al Kerbyson, Linda Mentink, Bob Dew Mike Dicker, Mike Steffes, Bob Humphrey, Bob Cohen, and Gary Estermyer.

Sams Club Westland

Photos courtesy of Bill Boudreau, Tom Brown and Ted Enright

Holiday Market, Canton

Thanks to Dennis Waling and Ted Enright for photos

Laurel Park

Hiller’s Market